Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Into the Pressure Cooker

I have been experimenting in the kitchen for the past five hours enjoying my last several weeks of domestic bliss. I am standing beside a hot, hot stove, alone with the love of my life. No, I do not refer to my new husband, who sits on the couch enjoying Sports Center. I speak of shiny pots and pans, hanging from my baker’s rack like glistening culinary soldiers, my razor-sharp knives, ready to spring into chopping action, and glass bowls filled with succulent raw ingredients.

This “domestic bliss” will last just another week and a half. I am about to embark on a lifelong personal and professional desire: culinary school. After almost a decade toiling in the real world, it occurred to me that there is only one path to professional utopia: spend the next few years in a downright ambitious culinary program.

I find that it is no longer enough to be a very good home cook and I will not continue to grow if left to my own devices. I need professors, like-minded peers, and a professional setting in which to learn. It is exhilarating to know that in a few short years I will be armed with an arsenal of new abilities and gastronomical knowledge.

I have spent the past few months anticipating school, wondering what the halls of the Culinary Institute will offer. Will I learn to prepare goats brains? Will I get to taste test unidentifiable spices while blindfolded? Will I perform at the level of excellence the school deems necessary to move forth with a culinary degree? Will my nerves prevent me from making the most of my once in a lifetime experience? Will my competitive streak get the best of me? Will the school’s required meal plan cause Mike to go hungry over the next two years? Will I really have to wake up at 2am for “Breakfast Cookery”?!


Camembert said...

Your competitive streak might not get the best of you, but your competitve steak will. Don't worry about Mike, he can always go to KFC.

Js said...

I like your blog so far..looking forward to it.I work until 200 sometimes,like tonight.

Julie said...

Lordy, that photo makes me hungry.

Can't wait to see what mischief you'll cook up in your new blog!

andysss said...

As you embark on your new career, I thought this quote from Julia Child might be helpful:
"try not to use too many yucky, mushy vegetables, and never ever use onions."

Ciao! (or should I say "chow") HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!