Friday, April 4, 2008

Solomon’s Passover Haikus for Jews, Food edition

Every time a holiday peeks through the curtain, the first thing that instinctively comes to mind is food, of course! I’ve been thinking a lot about Passover this season, as my Bubby Cohen is passing the torch of holiday flavor to her daughter, my aunt Paula. My grandmother has faithfully tended our annual Passover dinners since what I consider the beginning of time.

Looking back, I remember the “oohs” and the “aahs” as she served forth her tangy, tart, and sweet brisket, so tender it would fall off the bone (if it had bones, which it doesn’t). We’d weave and bob in excitement, anticipating her light-as-air matzo balls and richly flavored chicken soup. Although, oddly enough, nothing held a candle to that first bite of egg dipped in salt water, no matter how boring and anonymous a morsel; the egg- a symbol of mourning, the salt water -the tears. Boy, that’s just chuck full of irony!

I suppose I could do the expected and post a whimsical selection of versatile Passover recipes. Or, I could leave you with this: another installment of Haikus for Jews, Passover edition. So, grab your sacrificial lamb, a glass of Elijah’s Zinfandel, and a fragrant bouquet of Karpas and enjoy:

Search under the couch
The afikomen hidden
Now pay me money

Don’t open the door
Or the prophet Elijah
Will drink all our wine

Sinkers or floaters
“There really is no debate”
Says my dear bubby

Blood on my front door
The sacrificial lamby
On our Seder plate

I love matzo brei
Put it in my tummy now
With maple syrup

Karpas and Maror
Symbolize the holiday
A Passover feast

Let my people go
But when do we eat dinner?
Bring on pickled carp!

Gifelte Fish swims
Macerated bits of fish
In a pool of slime

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