Friday, May 2, 2008

Kate’s Ten Commandments of eating

1- Think global: eat local

2- Eat enough fruit and veg to keep the engine running smoothly

3- Eat at least one piece of chocolate a day, preferably dark and preferably Valrhona

4- Always eat carbs- they are necessary for energy, especially at breakfast

5- Keep a healthy stash of cheese in fridge- a parm, a blue, a goat, a double or triple crème

6- Always try new flavors, new recipes, new combinations

7- Drink tea every morning (and noon, and night)- the more high quality, the more caffeinated, the better

8- Dine together as a family and switch off all electronics- phones, televisions, lawnmowers and other heavy machinery

9- Drink fine wine, even with burger and fries

10- Put truffle oil on everything

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Joanna Gager said...

Love this!